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As educators we understand the need for parents to do their part...educators can't do it all!

REACH Parent Honor Roll Program's record of success...


Since the program's launch in 2017, schools in more than 12 states inspiring parental involvement

Hundreds of parents sharing the responsibility for their children's learning and success in school

100% of surveyed parents agreed or strongly agreed that the program helped them help their child

Check out our webinar for the American School Counselor Association at "ASCA on Air"

"REACHing Out: Madison Elementary REACH Program Helps Parents Get Involved" Voice of Muscatine News

How It Works...

"...and the parents would line up out the door and down the front of the school building to be recognized for their efforts with their children...and why often do we contact parents, let alone invite them into the school, to tell them that they are doing a great job..."  from REACH Parent Honor Roll


"By instituting the REACH Program, we increased the participation of parents in the two grades we piloted it with, and helped our school reach it's overall attendance goal for this year."                                         

Shelia K. - School Counselor, IA

"Each month more and more parents are meeting the requirements for making the REACH Parent Honor Roll."

Meg M.  - School Counselor, CA


"...our ESOL parents love the REACH Parent Honor Roll Program because it helps them know exactly what they need to do to help their children meet with success and it brings them into the school for a positive reason that makes them feel good and welcomed..."  CHECK OUT OUR VIDEO


Benefits of the program...

  • Increased student achievement
  • Provides the parental involvement piece that successfully engages parents
  • Clarifies for parents exactly what they need to do to help their children be successful
  • Builds positive home-school relationships as parents are invited into the school building for a positive and exciting reason
  • Cultivates a school climate of enthusiasm and success among parents in an era when parents are often exhausted, frustrated, and embittered
  • Motivates parents to share the responsibility for their children’s learning by doing THEIR PART to support their children in the educational process

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